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DojoChimp x Jits 'VITRUVIAN' Collab Gi

Jits. Magazine has been around for about 7 years now, and Jits Shop has been around for more than 4. But in all that time, they have never been involved in a Gi project... until now.


After a lot of careful consideration and calculated planning and development, DojoChimp partnered with Jits. Magazine on this exciting limited-run Gi project, inspired by all things Leonardo Da Vinci.

We were pretty excited at the prospect of working with Jits.  Magazine on this project. The crew over at Jits. Magazine considers DojoChimp to be a boutique Jiu-Jitsu brand, focused on developing and producing super high-end Jiu-Jitsu goods (even though they are not really priced at a premium).


We worked in painstaking detail on the design and function of this piece, to create something that we feel is special and unique; something that we ourselves would want. And since this is a tiny batch art project, just 100 pieces were made.


With interior artwork that features an illustration piece commissioned from one Jiu-Jitsu artist, Phil Lietz, this Gi pays homage to Da Vinci's famous sketch of the Vitruvian Man, depicting the ideal human proportions, which he based on the writings of the ancient Roman architect, Vitruvius. As we know all too well from our daily training, the physics of Jiu-Jitsu puts human geometry to optimum use, which is why we are sure that Da Vinci would have certainly developed a love for the Gentle Art if he had been living today.


We poured our creative efforts into the nuanced detailings that make this project special, and ended up with a Gi that is both a pleasure to look at and more importantly, a pleasure to wear. The jacket is light-weight, with a super solid construction. The pants will outlast us all. The modern, perfectly-cut DojoChimp fit rounds it out.


Produced in an unbleached, raw cotton with olive brown accents to match the colors of Da Vinci's original sketch, this special edition Gi gives a nod to one of the most inspirational thinkers in history.


We hope you enjoy using the special edition Vitruvian Gi as much as we enjoyed developing it!

'VITRUVIAN' Collab Gi 



Olympus Edition

The latest DojoChimp line of Gis arrived and we were excited to put the new cut and fit to the test. This Olympus edition Gi was designed as a slimmer and more tapered cut. The whole Gi weighs approximately 3 lbs and has reinforcements were it counts.


In fact, we received a message from Jits. Magazine. They asked us if we wanted the Olympus Gi reviewed. We were so confident with our pre release testing of this edition that we did not hesitate to send them the Black Olympus. Here is what they had to say about us and the Gi:

It was just recently that I first heard of DojoChimp a brand out of Northern California that makes some impressively nice quality Jiu-Jitsu gear. You might consider DojoChimp to be almost like a boutique Jiu-Jitsu brand, focused on delivering high-end goods (even though they are not priced at a premium) to its base of loyal fans and customers. Well I'd like to introduce everyone reading this to the brand, and suggest checking out their stuff. When they sent in their new Olympus Gi (which I believe is in fact already sold out at the time of writing this review), I was intrigued enough by the nuanced detail and solid build of this Gi that I decided to call up the owner of the company to pick his brain. After speaking with Christian, I could very clearly see why this Gi was so well put together... he is a lifetime martial artist that is a product development geek at heart with a ton of experience in the field, who painstakingly considers each and every detail down to a granular level. He is a guy that knows his stuff, and can talk your ear off about the technicalities of Gi production. Enough about the man behind the brand... onto the Gi itself: As the marketing for this piece suggests, it's theme takes inspiration from the grappling gods that reside on Mt. Olympus, which made for some pretty cool artwork, especially inside the jacket, and even down to the Greek font used for the sizing tag, showing ΛI, nice touch (even if it IS a lambda and not an alpha hehe). The jacket's 450g pearl weave fabric makes for a lighter Gi, very comfortable and still strong-like-bull. The cut is nice and slim, and makes for a sharp overall look - and let's be honest, we DO care about how we look in a Gi, even if it IS a technical garment. All in all, I've got only good things to say about this Gi, and for $130 and free shipping within the US, it isn't a very big, difficult purchase decision. Nice work DojoChimp! Post by D. Mence Jits. Magazine publisher.

Olympus Edition


Island Inspiration

We spent a lot of our life living on different Islands. The common thread through our life on these islands included waves and martial arts. Jiu-Jitsu joined our path later on our journeys. We felt like we were always protected and shielded in some way when we ventured out into the ocean.

The latest additions to the DojoChimp Kimono collection was inspired by the many influences and cultures on the pacific islands. Both the male and the female Gi come in black. Dark but light, 450 GSM Pear Weave jacket. The pants are 10 oz Rip Stop, with a pearl weave gusset for added grip and flexibility.

The earth brown and copper highlights in the male Island Gi embroidery give you that connected feeling to the ground. Waves across the shoulder lining lets you know that the strength of a wave is powerful.


The garden sublimated shoulder lining in the female Island Flower Gi softens the roll across the shoulder line. Female slim cut.

Island Inspiration


Professor Eduardo Rocha


I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar with the guest instructor being Professor Eduardo Rocha of Rocha Jiu Jitsu in Oakland, CA.

The seminar was about two hours in length. He did not disappoint. Professor Rocha has a very direct no “BS” style of instruction. He is to the point, but it is clear that he watches and helps all that need it.


He has years of experience and it shows. Fresh off his win at the U.S. Open in Santa Cruz. I watched him compete and he exhibited everything he spoke about at the seminar.


Professor Rocha has phenomenal guard passing ability. He is like a concrete block that can move at will.


At the end of the seminar I walked away happy that I attended and that I was able to practice the lessons for the day.


By the way he is also funny when he wants to be. He told some of the students that they needed to take some Zumba lessons to loosen up the hips.


It was awesome. No YouTube, just pure Jiu Jitsu knowledge on the mats.

Thank You Professor Rocha.


DojoChimp Brand "Off the Ground"

DojoChimp LLC was created and established (Legally) in California 2014. The concept actually was in the back of my mind long before 2014. It started like this, two small kids, bedtime along with imaginative stories of a chimp that had some great adventures (DojoChimp)..

It just so happened that DojoChimp practiced Jiu-Jitsu. DojoChimp made many friends along the way, "Mount" The Horse, The "Spider Guard" and "Butterfly Guard". Finally the kids wanted to see what these characters would look like. I drew them and their Jiu-Jitu Kimonos. Turns out that I kept on drawing and designing a different Jiu-Jitsu Gi each time. Along with the Gi's came other items of clothing.  


Surfing, the beach and water sports lifestyle is part of my existence. Naturally I was most comforatable and happy being ehtier on the water or on the mats. In fact, I would get the same feeling of riding a wave when I was flowing on the mats doing practicing Jiu-Jitsu. 


It was just natural and a no brainer to me that DojoChimp LLC would be a brand that blends the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Surfing Culture. 






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